HEAVEN Cookie Policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files created by websites you visit and which are saved on your computer through your browser. These files contain information that serves to identify who is visiting the page, either to customize according to the profile or to facilitate the navigation of several pages within the same website.

This is information that makes it easier for you to browse various websites on the Internet without having to configure basic items all the time, such as your preferred language, for example.


What types of cookies? What do each of them do?

1 - Session Cookies: It's the temporary one that lasts the moment you have your browser open accessing the internet, just close it, and it's already eliminated. Therefore, it is stored in the temporary memory of the browser and when you close the browser, it disappears. And after all, does it collect our information as users? No, they usually make a generic identification that does not collect the users' personal data.

2 - Permanent cookies: Unlike the session cookie, this one is registered! It collects user identification, internet browsing behavior and preferences on specific websites. Even if you close it, it remains saved, as it is stored locally on your computer, until it expires on its own or you delete it (below, we will explain how you can delete them).

3 - Necessary / mandatory cookies: The minimum necessary to be able to open our page and to be able to navigate and access the basic functionalities of our website.

4 - Analytical cookies: Do you know that statistic that will help us to improve the performance of our website and your experience here? After all, there's nothing worse than a slow page, a feature with errors... Who never? Therefore, analytical cookies help us collect and analyze these statistics, allowing us to know which pages you have accessed and how many times.

5 - Third-party cookies: They are created by other websites and contain images and advertisements. This content you can easily view on many pages on the internet.

6 - Cookies functionality: Can you imagine having to select your preferences on our website all your life? To save you effort, our cookie functionality already saves what you prefer so you don't always have to inform your preferences when accessing our page.

7 - Advertising cookies: their purpose, as the name implies, is to collect information to show you ads and customize the publications that are displayed to you.


Am I being stalked? Malicious Cookies: These cookies can be used to store and track your online activity. They track your browsing habits over time to build your profile based on your interests. Once it gets well complete, there's a chance that your information could be sold to advertising companies to send you personalized advertisements.


After all, what cookies do we use?


HEAVEN uses in its application https://heaven.me/# and its secondary ones find the following cookies :


Cookies Classification what does cookie do Shared storage
access_token Necessary Authenticate user access to the platform and ensure attack and forgery. At the AT
club_integration Necessary User to access the functionalities of the platform. At the AT
user Necessary User access the platform's functionalities and prevent attacks and counterfeits. At the AT
verify_email Necessary Authenticate user access to the platform and ensure attack and forgery. At the AT
crisp-client Necessary To use the help and support chatbot function Crisp 6 months
_ga functionality Extracts information for the Google Analytics platform Google Eternal
__gcl_au analytical Google Tag Manager Google 3 months
_dd_s analytical Performance analysis At the AT
_tt_enable_cookie Advertising Show ads and customize posts tiktok 13 months
_ttp Advertising Show ads and customize posts tiktok 13 months
_fbp Advertising Show ads and customize posts Facebook 3 months


Less is more, that's our mantra here at HEAVEN ! Therefore, we only collect the cookies necessary for our website to function properly. The rest is up to you, your data, your rules, you decide which cookie you want to navigate with and customize your own navigation according to your preferences.


Can I disable these cookies?

Except for the obligatory cookie, which is the minimum necessary to be able to open our page, the others can be managed in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser or browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc .) configure your browser settings.

Disabling cookies, however, may affect the availability of some tools and features of the website, compromising its correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, harming your experience.


How to delete all cookies from my browser?

In most browsers, when you type "ctrl+shift+del" options are presented to clear various browser data, including your cookies, if the cookies option is not checked, select it and click delete.


For more information about how we collect, use and share your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy or you can forward it to privacy@heaven.me.


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